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Alistar Kata from last year's IJI programme reports on her personal impressions from the post-coup Fiji General Election on 17 September 2014. Video: PMC

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12 July, 2015

Reporting Europe and Asia-Pacific
Inclusive Journalism Initiative (IJI) is a mobility project between Auckland University of Technology (Auckland, New Zealand), the University of Canterbury (Christchurch, New Zealand), the Danish School of Media and Journalism (Aarhuus, Denmark) and the Swedish School of Social Science(Helsinki, Finland). It involves development of journalism curriculum, exchange of students and staff and joint research.

IJI includes the JOUR801 Asia-Pacific Journalism Studies postgraduate paper at AUT, and

149116 Special Topics (Fiji Assignment 2015)

Internships are also available with the Pacific Media Centre. Inquiries.

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Asia-Pacific Journalism

Postgraduate Asia-Pacific Research Degrees

Bachelor of Communication Studies

Graduate Diploma in Pacific Journalism

Bachelor of Communication Studies

The media, communications and creative industries reach into every corner of society. Careers in this fast-growing field offer huge potential for graduates with the right training. AUT University’s Bachelor of Communication Studies (BCS) is New Zealand’s most sought after professional communications qualification. This degree gives students theoretical and practical experience over a wide range of communication fields.
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Graduate Diploma in Pacific Journalism
The Graduate Diploma in Pacific Journalism addresses the shortage of Pasifika journalists in Aotearoa/New Zealand. It is suitable for people wishing to enter the media industry from another career or those already in the industry desiring a qualification. It will also appeal to students from the Pacific region as well as those in Aotearoa/New Zealand. The programme is enriched by Pasifika and Māori and other media elective papers.

Students take core papers within the Bachelor of Communication Studies in Journalism, which provide the necessary skills to prepare the student for professional journalism work. In addition, they take Pasifika media papers and are able to choose other electives that reflect particular interests in the Asia-Pacific region. The core papers include a media industry internship and study of a Pacific language.
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Postgraduate degrees
Bachelor of Communication Studies (Honours)
Postgraduate Diploma in Communication Studies
Master of Communication Studies
Master of Philosophy
Doctor of Philosophy

Supervision staff

Examples of current and recent postgraduate research in the PMC

Postgraduate Pacific journalism papersJOUR801 Asia Pacific Journalism Studies
JOUR801 Asia-Pacific Journalism Studies

149116 Special Topics (Fiji Bearing Witness project)

Course publishing outlet
Asia Pacific Journalism is a new regional “hub” partnership venture between AUT University’s Pacific Media Centre and the independent news portal Evening Report.
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The Pacific Media Centre - TE AMOKURA - at AUT University has a strategic focus on Māori, Pasifika and ethnic diversity media and community development.