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WEST PAPUA: ‘Stop killing Melanesians’ Vanuatu civil society plea to Canberra

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Archival footage from ABC News on Australian SAS training of Indonesian special forces in 2010 republished on the Special Forces News channel on YouTube late last year.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

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Len Garae
PORT VILA (Vanuatu Daily Post/Asia Pacific Report): The five most prominent ni-Vanuatu charitable organisations in the country — led by the Vanuatu Free West Papua Association (VFWPA) — have petitioned the Australian government to “stop killing Melanesian people in West Papua” by providing financial support and military training for Indonesian elite forces Kopassus and Detachment 88.

The training programme is made possible under the Australia/Indonesia bilateral military cooperation.

The petition was signed by the chairman of VFWPA, Pastor Allan Nafuki; president of the Malvatumauri National Council of Chiefs, Chief Seni Mao Tirsupe; chief executive officer of the Vanuatu National Council of Women, Leias Cullwick; chief executive officer of Vanuatu Non-Government Organisations, Charlie Harrison; and president of the Vanuatu National Youth Council, Vira Taivakalo.

The petition says the decision has come at the right time to support and encourage all the West Papua Solidarity Groups in Australia to change the heart of the Australian government to “stop the killing of Melanesian brothers and sisters in West Papua”.

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Genocide in West Papua

The Australian government, military, police, and many public servants are complicit in the ongoing genocide in West Papua. Under the United Nations 1948 Convention on the Prevention and Punishment for the Crime of Genocide, in which Australia played a key role in establishing, Complicity in genocide is a war crime under Article 3. Article 4 states "rulers, public officials or private individuals" shall be punished. Turnbull, Brandis, and Bishop are on notice!

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