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Sunday, August 2, 2015
MADANG (Radio NZ International/RA Pacific Beat/Pacific Media Watch): Activists working to resolve issues around a controversial industrial zone in...
PMW ID: 9369
Sunday, August 2, 2015
Kalafi Moala NUKU'ALOFA (Pacific Institute of Public Policy/Pacific Media Watch): OPINION: There is nothing presently more challenging to...
PMW ID: 9368
Saturday, August 1, 2015
NUKU'ALOFA (Pacific Institute of Public Policy/Pacific Media Watch): OPINION: Why do reformers get into power in a number of Pacific states,...
PMW ID: 9367
Thursday, July 30, 2015
TJ Aumua    AUCKLAND (Pacific Media Watch): Kia ora. This simple greeting in te reo Māori is a frequent news topic that makes media...
PMW ID: 9366
Tuesday, July 28, 2015
SYDNEY (Tasmanian Times/AWPA/Pacific Media Watch): An Australian-based West Papuan solidarity group has appealed to the Pacific Islands Forum to...
PMW ID: 9365
Monday, July 27, 2015
SUVA (Fiji Sun/Pacific Media Watch): An alumnus of the University of the South Pacific has received a top award at the recent 24th Asian Media...
PMW ID: 9364
Sunday, July 26, 2015
Moana Maniapoto AUCKLAND (Waatea Media Watch): OPINION: There’s a new treaty in town. It looked as though Waitangi was a...
PMW ID: 9363
Saturday, July 25, 2015
SUVA (Hobart Mercury/Pacific Media Watch): From getting thrown out of the newsroom of a daily newspaper at gunpoint in Fiji, reporting during the...
PMW ID: 9362
Thursday, July 23, 2015
JAKARTA (Jakarta Globe/Pacific Media Watch): Security across Indonesia has been raised as provocative messages spread online in the aftermath of...
PMW ID: 9361
Thursday, July 23, 2015
PORT MORESBY (Radio New Zealand International/Pacific Media Watch): The International Organisation for Migration has signed an agreement to help...
PMW ID: 9360
Wednesday, July 22, 2015
Alistar Kata AUCKLAND (Pacific Media Watch): Most audiences are used to seeing Wairere Tame Iti as the Māori activist, who most notably shot the...
PMW ID: 9359
Sunday, July 19, 2015
AUCKLAND (Māori Television/Pacific Media Watch): A packed audience gave a standing ovation at the premiere of the documentary The Price of Peace at...
PMW ID: 9358
Saturday, July 18, 2015
Professor Biman Prasad SUVA (The Fiji Times/Pacific Media Watch): OPINION: Wednesday's (July 15, 2015) editorial comment by Fiji Sun managing...
PMW ID: 9357
Friday, July 17, 2015
MELBOURNE (Australian Broadcasting Corporation/Pacific Media Watch): West Papua is the collective name used by pro-independence supporters to refer...
PMW ID: 9356
Thursday, July 16, 2015
PORT MORESBY (The National/ Radio New Zealand International/ Pacific Media Watch): Eleven people have been killed and many others, including a...

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