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Pacific Journalism Monographs No 5: Pacific Way: Auckland's Pasifika community diaspora media
Michael Neilson
ISBN/code: ISBN 978-1-927184-35-6 ISSN 223-4113
Price: $10.00
Publication date: Thursday, March 17, 2016
Publisher: Pacific Media Centre


This report is the first comprehensive survey of the Pasifika diaspora media in Auckland, the world’s largest Pacific city. It starts with a discussion of the concept of ‘diaspora’ and how minority communities have been represented in mainstream media around the world. It then gives a portrait of the Pasifika population of New Zealand, how it has historically been depicted in New Zealand’s various media, and what attempts have been made to improve coverage. The bulk of the report consists of profiles of and interviews with Auckland’s various Pasifika newspapers, radio stations, magazines, TV shows and online media.

PDF available here


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