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Pacific Journalism Review 21(1): 20 years special edition
Pacific Journalism Review
ISBN/code: ISBN 978-1-927184-29-5
Price: $35.00
Publication date: Wednesday, June 3, 2015
Publisher: Pacific Media Centre


Publisher: Pacific Media Centre in association with the Asia Media Information and Communication Centre (Singapore). AMIC Asian Communication Series

Edited By David Robie, Barry King, Philip Cass and Wendy Bacon

This new publication features the Pacific asylum seekers issue and human rights, the Fiji post-coup general election and free speech, resource development in the Solomon Islands, Australia’s emerging “secret state” and shield laws, human rights in West Papua, martial law and e-martial law in the Philippines and New Zealand political and climate change reportage of the Pacific.

The book includes chapters by Del Abcede, Pat Craddock, Wendy Bacon, Kayt Davies, Eliki Drugunavalu, Lee Duffield, Amy Forbes, Walter Fraser, Maire Leadbeater, Irene Manarae, Ricardo Morris, Chris Nash, Mark Pearson, David Robie, Shailendra Singh and others.

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Pacific Journalism Review

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Pacific Journalism Review, published by AUT's Pacific Media Centre, is a peer-reviewed journal covering media issues and communication in the South Pacific, Asia-Pacific, Australia and New Zealand.

ISSN 1023-9499


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