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Science Writing and Climate Change - a new environmental journalism book


Science Writing and Climate Change
Pacific Media Centre
ISBN/code: 9781927184578
Price: $15.00
Publication date: Tuesday, June 18, 2019
Publisher: Asian Institute of Journalism and Communication (AIJC) in association with SciDev.Net and the Pacific Media Centre: Manila and Auckland.


“Disaster reporting, which focuses on deaths and casualties for the benefit of local readers, is understandable. However, the mass media also need to explain in depth the causes of climate change. Contextual climate change reporting can be taught to journalists by journalism schools if they have enough trained faculty and resources. But Asia-Pacific journalism schools are not able to do this, to cite a paper we published in Pacific Journalism Review (2017), which was based on a small survey of 20 schools in the region…. There is a vacuum in formal science and environmental education in the Asia-Pacific region… But for the long-term, there is a need for a wide-scale, systematic upgrading of the science communication/science journalism training programmes in the universities with the help of UN agencies like UNESCO.” - Lead author Professor Crispin C. Maslog

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