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Wansolwara 19(1) May 2014 - USP journalism newspaper
Pacific Media Centre, Wansolwara
ISBN/code: 10297316
Publication date: Thursday, May 15, 2014
Publisher: University of the South Pacific

By Tevita Vuibau of Wansolwara

Former and working journalists maintain that an element of fear exists among reporters after a Fiji TV reporter left the company in shadowy circumstances.

Anish Chand was released by Fiji Television in early May, but events leading to his departure remain unclear.

It is understood company policies restrict Fiji TV management and Chand from commenting on his departure.

Allegations that Chand was sent home following a phone call from a high government office to Fiji TV also remain unsubstantiated.

Attempts to acquire comments from the Ministry of Information on these allegations have proved futile.

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